Post Hypnotic Triggers

What is a Post Hypnotic Trigger?

The Basics of Post Hypnotic Triggers

A post hypnotic trigger is a specific word, phrase, color, or action that “triggers” a response. This response is called a suggestion and occurs after a person is aware again and out of hypnosis. This post hypnotic trigger causes a subject to react in a predetermined and previously suggested way.

“Nothing enters our minds or determines our actions which is not directly or indirectly a response to stimuli beating upon our sense organs from without.”

If after induction, you implant a deep post hypnotic suggestion that every time the subject hears you, and only you, say the phrase “orange pickle” they would immediately forget their own name. It will work if embedded well enough through repetition and reassurance of recall. That is, that their name will come back to them eventually. You can then wake them from trance and test your “orange pickle” out.

Post Hypnotic Trigger

Environmental Considerations

Post hypnotic triggers can be nearly anything you can imagine, a sight, sound, a touch, a series of words. To ensure a lasting post hypnotic trigger one must consider the average environment the subject will frequent. You must also consider what the response to the trigger will be. You should never compromise the safety of anyone and be mindful of when the trigger will activate.

Example Scenario

A truck driver with a smoking addiction may see a lot of traffic signs on their daily route. Implanting the suggestion that every time they see a yellow traffic sign something happens.  They could notice how fresh the air is. How alert and in control they feel. They could notice the strength they have to make it through the day without smoking.

However, a post hypnotic suggestion for that person to close their eyes and take a deep breath would put them and others in danger.

A Sample Stop Smoking Post Hypnotic Trigger Script

Once the subject is deeply relaxed and exhibiting signs of compliance and willful suggestibility a post hypnotic trigger can be implanted. Overly detailed or tedious suggestions may either not work at all or take multiple instances of trance to work correctly.

In, a moment, not now, but in a moment I will count from 10 to 1. As I count from 10 to 1 you will become confident, cool, relaxed beyond what you are now and as each number passes your determination, willpower, and resolve gets 10 times stronger. That’s right, as I count from 10 to 1 your worries and fears melt away and you become the person you were always meant to be, the person you want to be, the person you need to be. When I reach the number 1 your eyes will open, you will be awake, refreshed, and ready for the world.

You’ll notice the desire to smoke has completely left your mind, body, and spirit, “TEN”, and that you are no longer a smoker, you’ve never, “NINE”, been a smoker. You’ll be healthy, happy, “EIGHT”, alert, and confident. Your determination, willpower, and resolve growing “SEVEN” stronger and stronger with each passing number. “SIX” More confident and relaxed as you “FIVE” realize that smoking has absolutely no appeal to you “FOUR”. Stress is completely gone, replace with desire “THREE” to succeed in your goals. “TWO” day you become what you always wanted to be. Alert, awake, refreshed, and ready to succeed “ONE”.

Stress - Post Hypnotic Triggers

Why It Works

You’ll notice that nothing is particularly special about this post hypnotic trigger script, in fact, it’s rather plain. The power is in the emphasis on the person, the result, and the response. A post hypnotic trigger doesn’t need to be tangible or complex, in this case it’s simply that act of saying “ONE” as the person wakes up. You can easily replace this patter with something like, every time you see a smoker, or when you get in your car, or whatever you want and you might get results. With smoking, specifically, it’s better to address the core “reasons” a subject gives you for smoking… most of the time it’s stress.